Some watches are special because of the provenance and history. Or the rare finishing and materials. Or the sophisticated complications.

This watch covers all three bases and it’s an absolute delight to look at.  

The Omega Speedmaster is an iconic timepiece that is the cornerstone of the brand’s focus on technical excellence and a pioneering spirit. The lovingly-nicknamed Speedy is well known for being the first watch on the moon in July 1969. It was present for all six lunar missions, earning its well-deserved name as the Moonwatch. The Speedmaster is loved within the watch enthusiast community for its good looks and extraordinary history.

The Omega Speedmaster reference 311., is a unique (and discontinued) model within the extensive suite of Speedmasters, because of the moonphase indicator and aventurine dial.

Aventurine is a very interesting material. Some compare it to a starry night sky.

It is a form of quartz with mineral inclusions that give it a shimmery, glistening effect. Aventurine is typically used by luxury watchmakers in limited series or ‘piece unique’ timepieces. The blackened aventurine on this watch dial is a real treat to look at on the wrist. When I look down at this dial, I see a striking, shimmering backdrop that goes from being very muted to all-out spectacular, depending on how the light shines on it. It’s one of those watches that looks relatively simple from afar, but once you see it up close you can’t take your eyes off of it.

The only criticism I’ve heard about the Speedmaster is that it can be very ordinary. That when you see one Speedy you’ve seen them all. I would disagree, particularly with this model.

I’m always interested in finding the rarest examples for a particular watch.

This is a boutique-only watch with limited runs. The case size is 44 mm versus the more traditional 42 mm, though I would challenge you to notice the size difference once it’s on the wrist.

The moonphase complication couldn’t be more perfect: A moonphase on a Moonwatch with an aventurine dial.

The best watches transport you to another time and place. This watch makes me feel the way an astronaut must have felt on a mission to the moon.