Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

My name is Oliver. I am the owner of CoinWatchCo, a business I could have only been able to create with the help of the Canadian Government, my parents and all of my mentors along the way. The Canadian government was instrumental in my life. Without their sponsorship of my parents, as immigrants from communist Eastern Europe, I would never have been fortunate enough to create this company.

My parents instilled good values in my early years while in later years my mentors guided me in the business world. Without everyone around me I would have never been able to accomplish anything I have thus far. This is a motto that has been instilled into the very fabric of who I am, and how I do business. I aim to treat all of my clients with integrity, fairness, and honesty.

My entrepreneurial story began with selling Pokémon cards during recess in elementary school. Soon after I stumbled upon the world of collecting Canadian banknotes after finding a five dollar note at my mom’s work with what I thought was a cool serial number. And just like that, a lifelong passion was ignited. My enthusiasm for collecting continued as I fell in love with the craftsmanship behind vintage watches. Fast forward 25 years and I have been fortunate to have built a vast network allowing us to source interesting items for our clients. We specialize in high end watches, coins, banknotes and other neat and historical rarities. Please have a look through the site to see what we have to offer and please do not hesitate to contact me.